måndag 23 september 2013


Just called the Tanzanian embassy and asked about Baraka citizenship and how the system works when you have parents from two different countries. We are so happy and relieved that he is both Swedish and Tanzanian to the year he turns 18. When he has reached the age of 18, he has to make the decision which citizenship he wants to have.  But I really wish him to be able to continue to have two citizenships in the future also. I hope that in the coming years, before he reaches 18 years, Tanzania will change the system and allow people to have different citizenships so he will always have to possibility to choose which country he will stay in. It will also be good for him to expand, learn and experience different ways of living, since his family lives in two countries.  .  But it is still 18 years, before we face this problem.

Today we also went to fix his Swedish passport and when we arrive to Tanzania, we will apply for his Tanzanian passport.

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