tisdag 24 september 2013

Always Happy

Baraka loves to be outdoors and sits in his chariot. When he was younger he always fell asleep in the chariot. Now he just falls asleep few times and then he must be very very tired. We now use the seat, which allows him to sit and look out for himself on the surroundings in a completely different way than before. He loves to sit up and look out at anything and everything.

The biggest problem we have, like many parents we've met don't have is that he is really selective with food. It is almost every day we struggle to feed him. Since 2 week ago he has learned how to spit and he really use this new founded talent at every meal.

Baraka loves gruel and mashed fruits and berries. However, he doesn't seem to like porridge, meat, fish, chicken, potatoes and other vegetables. He really wants to eat his parents' food instead of his own. But we are trying and it will come.

He likes to plays and laughs so laud and he likes to look and "read" books especially his parent’s books. I'm so happy to raise my boy and I enjoy each single time I see his smile. He is completely lovely. 

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