fredag 8 november 2013

What will my baby enjoy exploring?
Your baby will love to explore objects in a variety of ways, by shaking them, banging them, dropping them, and gumming them . The idea that you do something to an object is beginning to emerge . An activity centre with lots of things your baby can bang, poke, twist, squeeze, shake, drop, and open will fascinate him. What will my baby enjoy exploring?
Your baby will love to watch as he drops an object then see it get picked up (by you, of course)
. Your baby isn't trying to annoy you. He just finds the spectacle interesting and naturally wants to see it again and again!
Your baby now understands how objects relate to one another, too. For example, he realises that smaller things fit inside bigger ones. He'll easily find something you hide, and he'll point or look at the correct objects when you name it
Your baby's developing sight is also helping his exploration skills
. He can recognise people and familiar objects from across the room. So if he spots something that takes his fancy, he may point and coo to show his delight, and crawl towards it if he can.

Running here and there to touch the items, we run after him all the time.

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